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We are living in a very special time in human history, where revolutionary breakthroughs and cutting-edge "Scientific discoveries" are happening on a regular basis! One of the most revolutionary discoveries to date, is the massive fundamental difference between "Dietary Supplementation" (using supplements to remedy a nutritional deficiency) and "Cellular Activation" (triggering a DNA pathway, to restore or optimize normal cellular function.)


This research emphasis and the resultant discoveries have been so compelling that International Scientific attention has been focused on rewarding the Scientific Teams responsible for these discoveries, with the most prestigious awards and medals in Scientific studies, namely the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine and the Benjamin Franklin Medal. 

The Protandim family of Activating Products, Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, Protandim NRF1 Synergizer and Protandim NAD Synergizer, capitalize on these discoveries and allow "Biohackers" worldwide, to experience a greater level of cellular function and LIFE EXPRESSION as a result!


To better understand these Scientifically backed, revolutionary products, and what to expect when you begin taking them and thus "activating" your cells, please download the "What to Expect" form below.

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Protandim Tri-Synergizer is available in packets or bottles.

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